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I can't connect ND3p to Logic X

Postby ebenanthony » 27 Dec 2019, 01:12

Hello! I'm about to cry... I'm new to this but is there anyone that can help me connect my Nord Drum 3p into Logic X?
- I have an Audiobox96
I tried the little I know but no signal in the DAW. I need to assign each pad to a drum part and record my drum beats and pattern that way. Is it possible?

I will be very grateful
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I can't connect ND3p to Logic X


Re: I can't connect ND3p to Logic X

Postby wartaler » 27 Dec 2019, 15:03

Hi ebenanthony,

I'm not sure if you want to record audio, MIDI, or both, your Presonus has all of this on board so..
If you want to record the audio of each drum sound (bass drum, hi-hats, snare etc) onto separate tracks, you'll have to do this one by one, the 3p only has 2 audio outputs, normally used for stereo. MIDI is not going help you here, well, not directly. MIDI is just data: which notes are played, at what velocity, etc. but no audio. One trick to record the audio of each part separately, may be to record your whole performance in MIDI first and then later play this MIDI back to record the audio for each part onto different audio tracks one by one.

About the setup for recording MIDI:
LewTheKeysGuy wrote:OK, as I understand it, the Nord Drum 3P uses 6 midi channels for midi send / receive, so you need to have 6 separate midi tracks assigned to channels 1 through 6, if I'm right that is...

Actually, the simplest setup uses a single MIDI track with 1 MIDI channel,
-The 'individual' MIDI channels of the 3p will not output any MIDI, they can only be used to control the 3p
-make sure that the 'individual' MIDI channels of the 3p are either off [Ch.OF] or use different MIDI channels than the global MIDI channel, they should never overlap
-In LogicX, setup a single MIDI track, use the 'global' MIDI channel of the 3p as output MIDI channel (and use the same MIDI channel if you have to manually set the input MIDI channel)
-play the pads and record MIDI onto the track, if the recording doesn't work, double check if the global MIDI channel and the track MIDI channel match, check the cables and connections; IN goes to OUT, OUT goes to IN..
-While recording, perhaps you'll have to switch off direct track monitoring in LogicX, to prevent that the incoming MIDI notes are sent right back to the 3p again, you can also use the 'local off' setting on the 3p, please check the manual for this..
-Once you recorded the MIDI of your performance onto a MIDI track you can play the MIDI track and the 3p will start producing sound, you can change the drum set if you want to, and in Logic you can edit individual notes, quantize them etc.
-If you want to isolate the parts, copy the MIDI notes for each part to different MIDI tracks

Hope some of this will help..

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