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Nord C2D settings, how's your looks like?

Postby kshim » 03 Nov 2016, 20:10


I've been doodling C2D for 2 weeks now, and love it so far!

just bought Behringer KXD12, (wanted to buy PA system but with 12" speaker, it was way to heavy to carry around as I have to bring it down from 3rd floor studio every time.

anyway, so far it sounds good, little muddy but that's why it has eq section.

wondering that, what kind of rotary horn and etc settings are you using?

I'm using vintage 3, and everything else is medium/normal. And as I expected, I can't really get 3D sound from my keyboard amp(really wish my studio was in the basement or 1st floor, but..) and trying to make it as close as real one.

should I go with 122, or 122 close, or 145? and what rotary settings? I never had a real leslie before, so I can't really tell that what I'm doing.

(heard it at smalls in NY, and few other jazz clubs but never played real leslie before.)

please share some!

Thanks a bunch :)

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Nord C2D settings, how's your looks like?


Re: Nord C2D settings, how's your looks like?

Postby ebowen4221 » 04 Nov 2016, 17:20

I'll be the first to say that everyone will do something different that pleases their ear. Personally, I rarely use slow, so I have the ramp up and down times set to as fast as they can go. If you can find it, a really good book to read is Mark Vail's Beauty in the B. It has a lot of insight on the history of the Hammond and Leslie, as well as some tips from pros and classic drawbar settings.

The only way to know what settings you should use is to listen to a bunch of organ players and try to emulate their sound.

I will also say that the 122's generally have a little more bass than the 145, as the cabinet was physically bigger. But I couldn't tell you what I have my C2 set to.
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