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Nord C2D - Opening up to Inspect Keybed

Postby jazzspire » 21 Feb 2018, 04:24

I was hoping I would never have to post this question here... but the day has come... I have a single key out in the upper manual of my C2D. Unfortunately, mine is now out of warranty. Does anyone know the proper procedure to open up the organ to inspect the keybed? There are no signs of physical damage to the key itself externally. I'm just wondering if there might be something cracked inside that would cause only one key to fail.

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Nord C2D - Opening up to Inspect Keybed


Re: Nord C2D - Opening up to Inspect Keybed

Postby The Franchise » 09 Mar 2018, 15:11

Here's what I can offer - I'm not a tech, but am pretty handy, and know my limits regarding just how far to go. That said - I decided to make a project of replacing the wooden sides of my C2D. Just want something a little thicker and stained with dark walnut. Okay so, simple removal of the 6 screws that fasten the sides, and unplugging of the ribbon cable that connects the preset(s) button mounts (left hand side) gives you a peak at low "C" keys (side view). You can see the note(s) "contact" is made via the oval shaped, rubber covered, switches mounted to a circuit board. My guess is, it's not a single, long circuit board but a series of say 1 octave to a board.
Another guess is, there is a failure of your dead key contact. So, if you remove both sides, then remove the top panel (carefully), observing where to unplug ribbon connectors, you can likely "see" the contact in question. From there, it will depend on how skilled you are to "test" the connection of the switch. If you're right, and there's cracked solder joint, you may be able to repair. Lot''s of "IF"s" in my reply but just thought I share what I can. Good luck!

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