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nord C2d - nord stage 2

Postby asterio » 13 Sep 2016, 15:56

hello, i have a problem and i hope somebody has a solution ... when connecting my nord stage 2(slave) via midi on to c2d(master) and i transpose on my c2d , nord stage don't respond and doesn't transpose... tha same with c2 (master) only my ex c1 was doing that and nord stage responded and transpose. is it any software bug?? thank you
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nord C2d - nord stage 2


Re: nord C2d - nord stage 2

Postby ebowen4221 » 28 Sep 2016, 17:17

That sounds like an issue with the C2D not sending the transposed midi data. I'd consider talking to Nord directly on this one. I don't see anything in the owners manual stating wether the C2D transmits transposed notes.
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Re: nord C2d - nord stage 2

Postby pablomastodon » 29 Sep 2016, 00:06

outgoing midi data stream is not transposed on C2D
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