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C2D, wah and Neo Ventilator

Postby jonas » 29 Aug 2014, 15:51

I'm interested in starting to experiment with using a wah pedal in the signal chain. The pedal is a standard crybaby wah that I normally use when I play guitar. So I plug a mono out from the C2D (leslie sim bypassed) into the wah and volume pedal, then into the Ventilator. This sounds great, and I think it'll fit nicely in the music that we play in the band. But my problem is that the wah can give pretty high volume spikes that the Ventilator is unable to handle so the signal will clip digitally and it sounds terrible. This happens when I have the wah all the way down (in the highest frequency setting). To overcome this problem I have to lower the main output pot of the C2D to about 9-10 o' clock. This means that the overall output volume of my signal chain is very low and this might be a problem in some situations.

What are my options here? Should I add a compressor/limiter pedal to put after the wah in the signal chain, but before the Ventilator? Then I might be able to increase the volume as the spikes should be taken care of. Another solution may be to get a stereo preamp box to put after the Ventilator in the signal chain.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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C2D, wah and Neo Ventilator


Re: C2D, wah and Neo Ventilator

Postby RedLeo » 29 Aug 2014, 18:40

It might be worth trying a compressor or limiter as you described. If you add a preamp after the Ventilator you might end up just transferring the spikes to the next input after the preamp, although you might get away with it as the Ventilator will probably reduce your high frequencies (presumably where the spikes are) enough to act as a sort of "spike filter". Even so, you may well end up with a fairly noisy signal as the preamp will boost the background noise as well, which will be higher because of the reduced level going into the Ventilator.
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Re: C2D, wah and Neo Ventilator

Postby Ledbetter » 30 Aug 2014, 02:20

What's it sound like if you put the wah pedal AFTER the Neo Vent?
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Re: C2D, wah and Neo Ventilator

Postby Mooser » 16 Sep 2014, 00:55

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