Forum Rules

10 Rules for the Nord User Forum

Guidelines for the forum

1. Please use the Search function prior to post a question. Many questions have already been asked, and probably already been answered.

2. Please use a title that clearly indicates your question or problem. You are also kindly asked to write in a respectful manner and write using correct grammar and spelling.

General rules

3. A valid email address has to be given when registering. Users are not allowed to have more than one account. Spammers are not tolerated.

4. Discriminatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually-orientated postings, illegal content or links, and "forum trolling" are not permitted on this Forum. In particular, refrain from using this language. The language of this forum is English. Double posts - posting the same question in two different topics, even in different forums - are not allowed.

5. Promoting illegal or unauthorized copies of another person's copyrighted work such as computer software, copyrighted music or samples is not tolerated. Also, personal details (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers) with privacy concerns should not be posted.

6. What samples can I upload? (Licensing and Copyrights)

  1. Users that upload samples need to ensure that they are legally allowed to share those files. Please indicate how you obtained your samples.
  2. Using commercial sample libraries or resampling virtual instruments (VSTis) and sharing the samples might be prohibited by the vendor or creator. Check with the license, terms of use, or contract with the seller of those samples or software!
  3. Hardware Keyboards, Synths or ROMplers and natural instruments are typically allowed to be resampled and freely distributed.
  4. Samples from original recordings should not exceed one bar in length per sample.
  5. In all cases you are responsible to ensure to only upload files that are based on material that you have obtained legally.
  6. All samples uploaded on this forum must be provided for free on this website to members and guests. This right includes using them as basis for your own sounds and distributing and sharing them for free when the original creator is given credit for. If you want to sell your samples/patches, rule No. 7 applies. The license attached is the Creative Commons License License.
  7. Programs, Patches and Samples downloaded from this website are NOT allowed to be sold neither as an individual sample nor as part of a sample collection.
  8. If violations of copyrights, licenses or other third party rights are detected, moderators will delete the uploaded files.

7. Any advertisements, business related posts, patch sales, etc. are only allowed in the special Buy&Sell Section. Exception: promoting a particular product that might be of interest for members of this forum are allowed to be posted only ONCE per year by any user, and need to be clearly indicated as commercial posting. We are not responsible for the veracity of such posts. If you decide to go ahead with a transaction, please be aware of the many scams on the internet and be very careful about exchanging funds for a product or service. Spamming and affiliate marketing are not allowed.

Interactions with Moderators

8. If violations against one or more of these rules occur, the thread/post may be edited or deleted by the Moderators. Warnings may be issued for the concerned user, and are erased after three months. If violations are continued, considered severe, or a user has been warned three or more times, the concerned user may be banned for one month from the forum or permanently for recurrent violations. Violations of rule No.5 or rule No.3 clause 3 can lead to a permanent ban ("One Click Ban") or the deletion of the user account. If your username, e-mail address or IP have been blacklisted on some spam protection websites, your first post on this forum might be subject to a moderator's approval.

9. In case a user feels treated unfair he/she may contact the board administrator. It will be the administrator's decision either to revoke or to keep warnings or bannings. You can contact us by e-mail at

Further rules

10. In the context to these rules we additionally point to the terms of use, which every user has accepted with creating his account and the Imprint.


About this Forum

About this Forum
Our goal is to provide a community for Nord Keyboards users or people interested in them. Also, free sharing of programs and samples to be used with Nord instruments is encouraged on this website. All members of this forum including the team (Admins and Mods) are working on this forum during their spare time. All have a real life to live with priorities as there are family, job, studies/school, and more private obligations. All team members are working hard to provide support and assistance as fast as possible. Above this, the forum has a considerable amount of experienced users, who provide excellent support. Many thanks for that!
In order to keep the team members doing their job in the forum and fellow members sharing their knowledge and experiences with fun, we kindly remind you to follow certain rules specified in this FAQ.
This forum is a non-profit community. Running expenses for domain, server, traffic, and maintenance are paid for by the founder, through donations from members, and through advertisements for guests and inactive members (<5 posts).

What technologies are used on this website?
The websites of this forum use several web services and technologies including Google Analytics statistics software, Google AdSense for advertisements, and a board cookie for registered members to facilitate repeated logins.

I have problems with posting, the login or other technical questions, where can I get some help?
Check out the general FAQ of the PHPBB Forum on which this community is built.

How can I contact a member of the team running this forum?
You can send us a PM (only available if you have at least 5 posts or uploaded samples or programs), or alternatively write as at

How can I find new or recent posts?
You can use RSS/ATOM Feeds:
or use the various icons of threads:
Image - Announcement
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