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  • Advertisement title: Spores Psytrance Soundset for Nord Lead 3
  • Price: 23 USD
  • Date: 02 Feb 2021, 23:00

  • Description:

    93 twisted Psytrance sounds, compatible with the Clavia Nord Lead 3. This bank is 100% Psytrance-oriented, which means no weird brass, pianos, or FX.

    Patches in Spores are based on sounds from songs by the likes of Astrix, Ajja, Infected Mushroom, Aquatica, Filt, Parasect, Amiranu, Invisible Reality, Phaxe, Morten Granau, Namarrkon, and many many more!

    And to cap off the bank some patches were set to INIT, so you have room to write and store your own patches without overwriting any existing sounds!

    Only 3rd party FX used on these sounds was Virus TI2 reverb and delay (and Rate Reducer and Phaser on selected patches. See README for more details).


    Clavia Nord Lead 3 synthesizer

    Buy now: https://kulshanstudios.com/clavia-nord-lead-3/spores

    Watch on youtube.com