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  • Advertisement title: [S] nord stage classic compact 73
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  • Date: 14 Jun 2014, 01:38

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    I am selling my 73 key nord stage classic compact keyboard, which has spent its life sitting in my house unused. This 2009 model is still very much like new and It hasn't seen much use since i got it, to be honest.

    I bought this for personal use, not professional, this beauty has never played a show... not on tour, nor to any gigs or venues...nothing beyond my front door at all.

    NEAR mint description due to the few and very shallow topical blemishes in the graphics ...this is as close to mint as an unsealed instrument that's beenp casually played indoors for a few years time can get. I am a professional keyboard player, and I take great pride in my instruments. I have always properly maintained and cleaned them, and my Nord stage classic here is no execption. Only the 73 has semi weighted waterfall response action!
    -Absolutely NO damage functionally, perfect mechanical condition! Near Mint In aesthetics

    -Excellent aesthetic condition, only topical flaws brought on by wear and tear of time, not abuse or mishandling, such as a small faded spot on the graphic paint

    -I will throw in the beautiful red canvas soft case with black velvet interior for free! These are generally very expensive, running as high as 200 dollars on their own! [Believe it or not]

    -I will also include a nord sustain pedal AND expression pedal as well, absolutely free of charge. These rudimentary accessories are compatible with any nord keyboard, and can cost as much as 150 dollars each if bought alone. I, however, will be throwing it all in for no extra charge, and making this setup complete.

    All things considered 2200 is a fair price for this setup. But I'm open to your offer just be reasonable!

    Email me at with your offer. i will send you photos of the keyboard upon request or come see it yourself!

    I'm willing to work with anyone who is seriously interested in what I'm offering, and will consider price offers.

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Still selling? Willing to ship to Canada?
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