The Nord Stage MIDI Tutorial v2

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a basic introduction to the MIDI world and how to use the Nord Stage in different MIDI situations.
Here is the thread for comments, etc.: nord-stage-forum-f3/nord-stage-and-midi-tutorial-t687.html

v2: Major Update, including the Nord Stage2 !


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Juan Rossi
Oh, this PDF of MIDI shall just solve many problems I have at the moment with my new 6D 73. So thankful, from Brasil!
Any plans for a Nord Stage 3 update to the document?
Thanks from me also! I have not used my Stage (or other keyboards) for many years now and I have forgotten everything I ever knew about midi. :thanx:
Thanks a lot for this.

I am new at the forum (and in the Nord actually) as I have bought a used C1 organ. It sounds great and much more portable than my Hammond B200.

However, I would also like to take advantage of the 2 keyboard layout and use one keyboard as a midi controler with sustain pedal for more classical piano / rhodes / clavinet sounds.
I've read the manual but I did not managed to get quite what I was looking for:
- Having "Live1"setting using the lower keyboard + sustain pedal as a 100% dedicated midi keyboard and keep the upper as organ
- Swith to"Live 2" and turn off all midi controlers, going back to full organ mode

Is this even possible ? Thank a lot !
Thank you - I'm beginning to understand it better now :thumbup:
Thanks. A great introduction to MIDI for my NS2 EX. :-)
Thank You! :thumb: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Carl Grainger
big thanks :)
Thank you! -- really helped, I was struggling with just the manual (inexperienced with MIDI).
Thanks everyone who participated in developing the document and sharing it!

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