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Re: ND2 hardware revisions

Postby wartaler » 18 Oct 2016, 07:58

The one with the label on the left side was a prototype I think
I wouldn't call changing some labels a major hardware update. They all have the same functionality and sound, once updated to the latest OS. The old labels of the first version units were a bit confusing after the OS update, not a big deal, but I agree it was a bit inconvenient.

I think most instruments I own get regular software updates. I even have two alternative (official) verions for a synth. And some unofficial versions for some other gear that add or change some functionality. I bet even a washing machine gets software updates nowadays.

I think a digital instument is basically a box with some knobs, buttons, perhaps a screen, some in and outputs built around a dsp. The functionality mostly depends on how it is programmed, quite flexible. I think in the past everyhing was much more fixed and hardwired, and therefore perhaps tested to death before being launched.

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