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Mute kick-trigger input on ND 3p?

Postby Prestosafe » 17 Oct 2016, 13:56

Hey guys! I recently got my Nord drum 3p and loving it allready. I have one issue Im trying to figure out:
I use my 3p with my acoustic drums with a kicktrigger on my bassdrum, super cool to add other colors the acoustic drum, Im really having a blast! BUT: I wonder if there is a quick way to mute the kicktrigger, for when I want to only have the acoustic kickdrum, but still be able to play the pads other than disconnecting the kicktrigger?
Searched the manual but couldn't figure it out, I guess this i a noob question, but Im a drummer first, and synthplayer second.:)
All the best, Oskar
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Mute kick-trigger input on ND 3p?


Re: Mute kick-trigger input on ND 3p?

Postby wartaler » 17 Oct 2016, 21:23

Hi Oskar!

Not a noob question at all!
I don't think there is a button on the 3P to mute a channel directly. There are several alternative ways to do this I guess. However, I think that solutions that involve selecting programs or drums with no sound (channel level zero) are not very practical. I bet it's possible to do something clever with MIDI (eg set the channel level to zero with the push on a button)- not the easiest solution for most in practise.

I was thinking about these analog solutions that might also work :

1) route the bass drum sound to one output (Left), and the other sounds to the other (Right). Place an on/off foot switch (a Boss AB-2 pedal can be used for this) between the Left output and the mixer

2) place the switch pedal between the trigger and the input, in this way you can still play the sound on channel1 if you want.

Anyone else?
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Re: Mute kick-trigger input on ND 3p?

Postby skintechnician » 17 Oct 2016, 23:42

Either disconnect the trigger or the AB-2 switch that Wartaler mentioned seems like the easiest option.
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Re: Mute kick-trigger input on ND 3p?

Postby Tronque » 03 Feb 2017, 00:34

There are instrument cables with kill switch om the plug (circuit breaker). :thumbup:
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