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Nord Lead A1: FM Piano with fine detuning OSC2, an utopy ?

Postby quicotte » 29 Jan 2018, 22:50


I am a newcomer here, and really impressed by the patches quality I found here ( special thanks to Puukka ).

It's not totally clear to me how FM works on this synthesizer.

Of what I understand, FM on A1 works like this:
1. OSC2 is the modulator, and is always sinewave
2. [OSC CONFIG] detunes OSC2 by half-tone ( between -2 and +4 octaves )
3. [OSC CTRL] defines the FM amount from 0 to 100%
4. [OSC LFO AMT] makes varying the FM amount by LFO
5. [OSC MODENV AMT] makes varying the FM amount with parameters defined in MOD ENV

=> meaning for creating FM sounds, we can work on FM amount and OSC2 tuning by half-tone.

But, for example on a DX7, FM7, ... we can fine-detune the Modulator of several 'percents of semi tones', which results on a slow vibration that makes the sound more rich and, lets say 'organic' / 'orgasmic' / or whatever :p

SO SO my question is: it there a way ( or some 'magic cheat', why not? ) to get the same result on A1 ???

Thanks for reading, and thanks for answering ; )
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Nord Lead A1: FM Piano with fine detuning OSC2, an utopy ?


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