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Everything about the Nord Wave Synthesizer

Nord Wave sounds in Logic Pro X

Postby Revan » 14 Jul 2015, 20:55

Hi. I struggle to find any info online on how to use the Nord Wave's OWN SOUNDS in Logic Pro X. Please enlighten me. I don't want this keyboard to be a total waste of money by merely being a midi keyboard to record with.
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Nord Wave sounds in Logic Pro X


Re: Nord Wave sounds in Logic Pro X

Postby dhbp-nord » 14 Jul 2015, 20:59

Hi there, you need to connect the audio outs of your Nord Wave to the audio input of Logic, what ever sound card you are using should have some kind of audio input. I don't know Logic but I assume there is a way to record incoming audio.

Or you could set your Nord up as a Midi/USB sound source for Logic like you would with any other midi synth/module.

Those would be the two primary methods.

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Re: Nord Wave sounds in Logic Pro X

Postby respinagosa » 10 Sep 2016, 13:13

As dhbp-nord told you, connect the audio output of the Nordwave to your sound card and the sound card to your computer. In order to remember which notes you played, I also recommend to connect the MIDI output of the Nordwave to your sound card and the sound card to your computer. In Logic Pro X: insert an audio track in Logic Pro X (to record the actual sound of your NordWave) and insert a software instrument track in parallel so that you not only record the audio but have the notes you played in the software intrument track. When recording, you have to activate the "R" for BOTH the audio track AND the software instrument track and select the software instrument track. Now you only have to press the record button and begin to record. At the end, you'll have the audio recorded in the audio track AND the notes recorded in your software instrument track so that you can remember which notes you played.

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