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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby RedLeo » 03 Jan 2016, 07:27

Six-string-man wrote: I'm probably weird, as I also like the Studio 1 and 2 Grands just as much as the Steinway Bosendorfer or Fazioli.

No wierder than me - I've always preferred the Yamaha Studio Grand 2. Nice and thick in the middle, and a good balanced all-rounder.
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Re: which piano sample used more?


Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby spradders » 04 Jan 2016, 01:38

Me too: Yamaha Studio Grand 2
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby Lophophora » 04 Jan 2016, 10:11

Add me to the list: Studio Grand 2 is my all-time favorite.
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby Frantz » 04 Jan 2016, 11:58

The "Concert Grand 1 Close ( Steinway D ) Large" sounds true for me, and it's very versatile when you apply eq on it.

Of course there are more impressive pianos like the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, the Bright Yam S4, the Fazioli, the SK7, but ... the Concert Grand 1 Close Steinway D is the one I use more at the end.

edit : eq setting depends on the PA.
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby AlQuinn » 04 Jan 2016, 15:40

The past few rock and blues gigs I played mostly the Silver Grand. I also have the Bright Grand loaded and use it if I need a more cutting sound. I've used the Fazoli and Studio Grand 2 in the past and like them also. The Studio Grand 2 never sounded very good to me at home but for some reason it sounds, plays, and blends really nice with a blues or rock band. For jazz gigs I play a CP4 because I can't connect properly with the Nord action (i.e., I had a Stage 2 HA88 for three and half years before selling it). I play classical only at home on a Yamaha C3.
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby pcarrilho » 10 Jan 2016, 14:34

I love the Grand Upright for solo piano.
For pop music, i like to use a bright piano (Silver Grand L). O love the Studio Grand 1 (not the 2).
In Jazz context, I like the new Velvet.
The Imperial grand i don't like...

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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby Quai34 » 11 Jan 2016, 09:29

Grand imperial and fazioli, both in XL size, just switch between them depending on songs, using it for jazz, practice, composing, gigs....EQ is flat....two Genelec 8040 in the studio, two Yorkcille parasource Ps-10P for gigs....good speakers and amplification, then, no need for EQ....
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby Scorps » 26 Jan 2016, 19:35

I have a Stage Classic and with its small amount of memory I can afford only one L or even M sized piano sample at a time, in addition of a couple of electrics and Clavinet. Tried all of them, but still keep coming back to the good ol' Studio Grand 2. I just love the immediately sensitive feel and realism of that piano.

I mostly keep my EQ flat and many sound engineers say they don't use any EQ on me neither. For rock'n'roll I crank up the high EQ, also I like the Silver Grand for louder music - it cuts through the mix better.

Not that the other pianos are bad, absolutely not, but the Studio Grand 2 keeps amazing me again and again for some reason. I have mistaken it for a real grand when listening the recordings of my rehearsals and gigs.
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby dosti » 27 Jan 2016, 23:32

Grand imperial, for me the most lively piano to use when playing with the band (rock/blues). Italian Grand I like for instance if the piano needs to be a bit more a "warm" sound (for instance I like to blend it with strings). Occasionally I like to use the Grand Upright.
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Re: which piano sample used more?

Postby daniel70 » 09 Feb 2016, 23:03

I like the Grand Upright (Yamaha) with a little eq very much!

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